Saturday, August 21, 2004


VC gang at Oz's Roy and HG show

VC gang at Oz's Roy and HG show
VC gang at Oz's Roy and HG show, originally uploaded by tedgraham.
Thanks to CBC's Sylvie Bigras (former ED of VC) for getting us tickets to watch Australia's most famous commentators give their unique take on the games. We watched them interview Ozzie gold medalists in men's pairs rowing (Canada lost an appeal to get in the final) and also spoke with a member of the gold medal South African swimming relay team (he had previously been famous for sleeping in and almost missing a final at the last Olympics). They trashed trampoline (Canada had won silver) with a very funny play by play and Dave Carey and I were on camera as they commented on how Canada and medals are not often mentioned together. Pictured from left is HG, Suzanne Judd, Ted Graham, Dave Carey, Caroline Sharpe, and Roy.

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