Friday, August 13, 2004


Random Olympic Thoughts

Did you know the Olympic Airlines logo is the Olympic rings rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise? The greek national carrier has also added a sixth interlocking ring (perhaps to represent the lost continent of Atlantis?). I've heard the IOC goes to great lengths to protect its' 'marks' so this seems quite odd. Maybe my smart lawyer wife can give us a legal opinion on this IP transgression.

Speaking of logos... Fred from Overkill tells me that you'll be able to see a tiny Freddy logo on the visors of Mark and John during the Olympics. It passed the player's meeting the other day which is great news for Fred who has been a long time Heese/Child sponsor and an advertiser with our mag since the start.

Fred was also kind enough to give me a few limited edition tees and tanks("Child and Heese - August in Greece") to give to Mark and John's supporters in Athens. I'll post some pics of the Canadian fans tomorrow after the opening matches and you can see what they look like - and then you can go to Overkill to buy your very own of course! Special bonus points go to whoever might be able to tell me why one of the guys had a "pause" when he first saw the shirts.

I actually managed to get the shirts, a laptop, a camera backpack, a monopod, a bottle of duty free and the rest of my clothes into two carry on bags (I'm sure I'll discover I left my underwear or something else crucial behind). I didn't want to lose bags in transit or have to wait for a luggage belt since my big goal for this evening is to rush over to opening ceremonies after I go through the whole accreditation process at the airport and pick up my photo vest at the Main Press Center. I was told Thursday that my chances for receiving one of the limited media tickets were slim since the waiting list goes to the largest circulation outlets first but I'm holding on to faint hope.

Stay tuned...

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