Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Quotes post Wed match

Another day of mixed success for the Canadian teams. Heese and Child's coach John May commented that they didn't have their "Mojo" today while the women were positive throughout and finally capitalized on six match point opportunities. Both teams should still advance to the round of 16.

Mark Heese: "It was a struggle from the start. It was frustrating not to get into a groove. We improved in the middle of the match but I'd like to have the beginning and the end back."

Guylaine on their 3 key things to focus on for the match:
"Dynamic, Determined, and Patient - all three came into play today"

Annie on her partnership with Guylaine who is 14 years older and former indoor star: "I remember being nervous about asking her to play but now we're very good friends which is important when you spend so much time together"

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