Monday, August 16, 2004


Quotes from Mark and John today after eliminating Blanton and Nygard (former Sydney Gold Medallist) from contention
More Photos at link above

MH on his defence: "I fed off John's blocking success"
"It was great to bounce back from our first loss against the swiss team. When playing against America there is always a great rivalry. We had a lot of supporters here today and John was on fire at the net. "

MH on having more room to improve: "Saturday we were at 50% and today we're at 70% - we have a couple more gears to go."

JC on how they used their experience to recover from losing the first match two straight:

"It can be a nerve wracking situation when your back is against the wall like that so our experience comes in to manage that stress plus the mental training we do to manage that stress"

JC on their outlook in pool standings:
"Winning two straight with a good point ratio should improve our chances"

JP on his advice for Heese and Child about having a level attititude winning or losing: "We talk about emotional capital where you can take those emotions and bank it for when you really need to draw on it"

JC: "it was a very good team that we played against. We knew we would have to play our best. At that point I think if we had lost that game we would have had a real hard time progressing in the tournament. We came out and played our best game and everything worked for us. I had more energy in this game than in the first game, it wasn't quite as hot ou there so I played better."

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