Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Orest Stanko responds to Dimanno's article with this letter to the editor

Re: Rosie Dimanno Article, Tuesday Aug. 17, 2004 Wild night at the beach Rosie, get over it! Yes, beach volleyball is played in “teensy-weensy swimsuits”. And yes, the bodies are tanned and buffed; it’s kinda tough not to get a tan when playing outdoors; and it’s really difficult not to get buffed when you are training 6 hours a day, year-round. You and your pack of libidinous, voyeuristic scribes have documented this over and over and over again. I thought that it was “news” that you reported? And in case you haven’t noticed but “…swigging beer”, “…constant din of rock music”, “…lovely long-tressed, longed nubiles”.and “…sexily choreographed routines,” are pretty much the mainstay at ALL sporting events. Have you attended a Raptors game recently Rosie? You definitely need to get out more! Give it a shake Rosie, and I’m not referring to your bootie, and focus on the athleticism that is clearly evident and displayed by beach volleyball athletes and not their nipples. Hey, maybe you should do an investigative piece on male swimmers and how they deal with shrinkage? Rosie, starch your bonnet, I hear that there is an Amish barn-raising in Milverton in 2 weeks. Can you hum Amazing Grace? Make sure you wear sunscreen!

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