Thursday, August 19, 2004


Heese and Child in to Round of 16 after swiss win 2 straight over AUT

As a beach player, I lament the fact that so much of what I read and hear of the game from those who watch and don't play it, is about the female attire.
It's hot out there! And as for being able to see "nipples", grow up! You can see those of the female swimmers, divers, rowers and the track athletes in their aero-dynamic, body-hugging attire. concentrate on performance.....lots of us do care about the incredible digs and blocks and sets of the players.
But I do find it insulting to have to watch the so-called "dancers". To begin with they should ask for their money back from the dance school they attended. If they were pool-side in between races, or cheering on the fencers, or at the shot-putting at Olympia it might be a little easier to swallow. As it is it makes me gag! Good for Guylaine Dumont for raising her objections!
I just wish there was more emphasis on the incredible skill, strength and stamina of the women beach players and we could leave these other stupid comments behind.
Alright, let's face it....yes the men beach vball players play in swim trunks and the women in bikinis, but beyond the bikinis and the swim trunks are true athletes who are physically fit, have an enormous amount of talent, and who know how to have a good time at the beach. Volleyball is a very demanding sport, and I say that not only as a beach and indoor player, but as a fan and spectator as well. Countless times have I watched vball coverage of the Olympics, team Canada's qualifying rounds etc. on TV and in person and the ability that our professional athletes have is incredible. They deserve just as much credit as well as respect for playing so competitively and for doing what they love. I'm sure I'm not the only one who dreams one day of making it to the Olympics and representing my country as a pro beach player.....that would be the life!

As for this business of the crowds, the noise, and the cheerleaders, may I remind you that it is not our athletes who are guilty or responsible for this, nor is it the sports fault. You can't condemn the sport or the athletes for something beyond their control. The athletes come to play and that's exactly what they do...and they do a damn good job of it as well. Also, in my opinion, the music, the crowd, and the cheerleaders makes for great energy and enthusiasm...something you feed off of when you are an athlete.

Beach Volleyball is a true sport and hopefully it will be around for years to come.

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