Saturday, August 21, 2004


Dumont and Martin Inspire

Annie tried to focus her thoughts as she did her sixth consecutive interview after the win against Cuba. Visibly tired as she spoke with me about the win, she still couldn't suppress the smile that have made her and Guylaine darlings of the Canadian media. Dumont and Martin's heart and energy has driven their game to the next level and apparently driven Canadian fans to do more with their lives.

"One woman told me she felt inspired to go work out and train after she saw us play" laughed Dumont.

Dumont also spoke about her 3 year old (almost 4) daughter at home and how she was using Bell's cell phone and 500 free minutes to the full extent to talk to her family back home in Quebec. Her daughter “sort of” understands that Mom is at the Olympics but now she's asking why she's on TV all the time and why her “nana” has shown up on TV as well. Guylaine's brother arrived today to join a group of a dozen family and friend's of the pair.

You can only imagine how hard it has been for them to compete and travel so far away from their family. The Olympic qualification process has taken 18 months and now top players like Karch Kiraly refuse to take that much time away from their families. I was so thrilled to see my own 10 month old twins via webcam the other night and I haven't been away half as long as these athletes.

Dumont and Martin were invited on Ron Maclean's show again tonight (BTW: We were just over at CBC Ron just told us that he's a subscriber to the magazine) but they declined in order to rest for the match against May/Walsh.

I asked Annie if she had been following May's attempt to come back from the abdominal injury at these Games.

“Perhaps she's not stretching for balls on defence but we're not thinking about that.” She added that they were focusing on their own matches and what they need to do. Annie is certain to be the one they'll go after and she's been holding up both physically and mentally.

Guylaine also spoke about how great it's been that the media coverage has given her so much recognition after many months of toiling in the relative obscurity of qualifiers and events in far off countries. Dumont and Martin are certainly no longer anonymous and will appreciate all Canadians cheering them on Sunday afternoon (they do read your posting and emails!). Exact times will be posted later today.

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