Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Diary Catch-Up - corrected picture link

I'm a little behind so I'll try to catch you up on both Monday and Tuesday in this post...thanks to all the well wishers who have sent me notes and I'll pass them along to both teams today. Fred Koops has given me a photo that I blew up to an 8X12 print so that the Overkill sponsored guys will know he's there in spirit and 2-D if not 3-D.

Monday started with another nice morning sipping strong Athenian coffee and munching nutella laden toast while on the terrace of Volleyball Canada house (as people have been calling it). I had been invited to a Speedo photo shoot and BBQ so I headed to the beach bar where they were holding the event and managed to do an interview with a German agent who identifies volleyball athletes for Speedo to sponsor. A former player himself, "Pille" talked about who the game has changed with the new rules and court size and talked about his challenges in finding the new younger players they want to invest in. I met up with Team Canada indoor's John Blacher who was at the event since his wife is Canadian team swimmer and we headed over to the beach match. Tragically the tram we were riding struck and reportedly killed a man as we headed to the venue. John apparently saw what happened and I'm thankful that I didn't. Athens is a dangerous city for pedestrians.

You can read about the matches in some of my other posts but the men played great against the US squad who made a ton of unforced errors throughout. I saw a very sad Nygaard talking to his girlfriend later probably having realized they had no chance of going any further. Although the Canadian women had a chance against the US in their match it was probably not quite their time - the first game was dominated by EY and her back to back to back stuff blocks. Look for Guylaine and Annie to exact their revenge later in the tournament.

More photos at

Audio files of past interviews

Annie Martin on Wedneday's win vs NOR

John Child on Monday's win vs US (interview done by another reporter)

John May after Heese and Child first loss against Swiss:

Mark Heese comments after Swiss loss:

Justin Trudeau on beach volleyball

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