Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Chances look good for Heese and Child plus Athens diary from yest erday

Heese and Child likely to advance if any one of three teams lose on Thursday. It's still to early to tell their exact chances but it looks good since all the current 3rd place teams in pools A - C play the top seeds in their pool tommorow (with the exception of Austria who play the highly rated Laciga brothers from Switzerland). Based on sets won plus a favourable points for/against ratio (thanks to their routing of the US), they're confirmed to be ahead of POR in pool F but behind NOR in Pool D - so they just need to be ahead of one more third place team to secure a spot in the round of 16. A tentative bracket shows that they would play one of the five following (likely) pool winners in the first match of that round:

-Brazil  (Ricardo/Emanuel)
-Brazil  (Benjamin/Marcio Araujo)
-Germany (Dieckmann/Reikermann)
-ESP (Bosma/Herrera)
-ARG (Barcatti/Conde)
The official announcement and draw for single elimination brackets to be made 30 min after the final match on Thursday (probably at 5:30pm Eastern time).

More Diary updates...
Yesterday was an off day for our Canadian beach volleyball players so I went with Suzanne Judd (who does an amazing job organizing all things beach vball for VC) to the Acropolis. SJ seemed a little lost without having to follow up on the million little things she takes care of but it was good for both of us to take some time off to see the city.

We left the apt at noon (this is Greece after all) we stopped by the beach venue picking up some gear and for SJ to sell some extra tickets. She's definately too nice to be a real scalper and the fact that she sells them below face value makes her very unpopular with the local ticket speculators.

After a bus adventure through Piraeus we finally reached the base of the Acropolis and had a bite to eat at a local cafe. With food energy to burn we hiked up to see the Parthenon, Temple Athena and the museum. It wasn't as crowded as I would have thought although you can't quite get a "clean" shot of the buildings without a tourist in the frame.

We then ventured over to the Agora where Socrates (among other philosophers held court). Quite a feeling for a student of Greek philosophy like me!

At that point SJ and I split up so I could head back to the MPC and she could check out COH. I also shot swimming that night (another fun venue) and visited Holland Heineken house with a number of COC folks until about (ahem) 3 am

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