Sunday, August 15, 2004


Aquatics? Archery? Indoor vball?

These are the choices I'm sifting through today as I sit on a bus from our coastal apt to the main press center (MPC). Swimming would be interesting since I might witness Phelps try to beat Spitz record gold medal haul. Archery is only prelim but it's being held in the historic 1896 Athens Games stadium and reknowned NY Times columnist George Vescey said that was his choice for today when we shared a shuttle bus around Olympic stadium last night. (Amazing to run into people like this - I saw his media badge as he stood in front of me so I commented how much I enjoyed his last Sunday Times column). Men's indoor vball is Italy v USA which should be good competition and a lively crowd (it would be nice to have more full stadiums here so all of you readers should buy tickets and fly over!). I guess I'll just have to see all three...

On a whim I went to see men's synchronized platform diving last night - another Canadian photog had said Quebec's (and Canada's!) Alexandre Despatie (sp?) was competing and could be a medal hope. No such luck but I did get to get a loaner 200mm-400mm lens and a D2H Nikon (digital) to take shots at the event. Conclusion? I'm a better vball photog and bigger isn't always better.

(Just an aside here - as I write this on my Blackberry I'm on an olympic media bus heading to the MPC and the driver has just pulled over to get a coffee at cafe Picolo. This further bolsters the reputation of random decision making by Olympic bus drivers who are definately on their "own" schedule).

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